Training and skills development is something in which Khansaheb makes significant investments. In 2014, we opened a purpose‑built training facility where every level of employee undergoes comprehensive training centered on four core themes.

The training facility has helped drive our customer satisfaction levels to new highs and facilitated the development and progression of thousands of employees.

Our training is delivered in 5 tiers that start with our operatives and goes all the way up to include our Senior Leadership team.

Operative Trades Training


Our operative trade training provides courses at both a basic and an advanced level on subjects such as: masonry, carpentry, steel fixing, plumbing, HVAC and electrical maintenance.

Each course is around 12 days long and teaches use of modern tools and efficient working practices, incorporating health, safety and sustainability in every practical lesson, with a visual demonstration of the standard of work expected.

Every recruit must pass the basic course immediately after they join us and before they are assigned to a project. Every operative also undergoes refresher training every two years to ensure consistency across our workforce.

Khansaheb s operative trade training provides courses on masonry, carpentry, steel fixing, plumbing, HVAC and electrical maintenance etc

Frontline Supervisors Training

Our supervisors are the production engine of our business and their training is a modular program that is delivered every four to six weeks on a rotational basis. It includes:

  • Man‑management and supervision
  • Quality and workmanship
  • Subcontractor supervision
  • Productivity & organization
  • Materials storage and handling
  • Health, Safety & Sustainability

Recognizing how influential our subcontractors are on our performance, we also run courses for our supply chain. Attendance of these courses is mandatory, especially for supervisors of Key Trade Package subcontractors.

Middle Managers Course

Our Middle Managers course is focused on enhancing project management skills, and it consists of 10 modules which are designed and delivered by our expert managers.  The Course content includes:

  • Short term planning and programming
  • Production and resource control
  • Site logistics and infrastructure
  • Process planning and control
  • Quality management
  • Health, Safety & Sustainability

Each course is focused on making the best use of resources to ensure programme dates are met, a high‑quality product is produced, and ultimately projects are completed on time and defect free.

Project Management

The Project Management course is designed to enhance knowledge of the construction process, promote solution‑based thinking and develop leadership skills among managers across the business. The mix of participants is a deliberate feature to improve cooperation and produce an appreciation of the challenges faced by each other.

It is a 6‑day programme that covers:

  • Productivity management
  • Planning and programming
  • Design information management
  • Subcontractor procurement and management
  • Zero defect completion
  • Consultant & client liaison

Each module is integrated with our business management systems and procedures to ensure all participants can put the lessons learnt into practice immediately.

Leadership Development

Khansaheb runs various executive level courses designed to enhance leadership skills and develop the future leadership team of the business. These courses are run in conjunction with Interserve and their other businesses around the Middle East.

Our leadership courses focus on the ability to direct, manage and inspire others, whether in formal or informal situations. They seek to develop skills such as decisiveness, communication, persuasion and delegation that are an essential part of any future leader of our business.