At Khansaheb we recognise that a large proportion of our work is carried out by our supply chain whether it be a specialist subcontractor or a material supplier, both are key to the success of the project.

We are therefore very careful about who we work with and have stringent procedures and management processes to ensure we get the right people working on our projects.

Khansaheb Supply Chain Management system


We recognize our responsibility to provide:

Regular Work Opportunities
Open and Beneficial Relationship
Safe Working Environment
Reasonable Terms and Conditions
Sharing of Information
Opportunities for Innovation


All prospective suppliers are required to prequalify so we can provide our clients with the assurity that we only work with high quality reliable companies.

Are you looking to be part of our supply chain?

Our prequalification process is segregated and targeted to make it as efficient as possible. Smaller suppliers are only required to complete a short questionnaire and agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct and Standard Terms and Conditions.

Larger suppliers will have to undergo a more rigorous process with a detailed questionnaire, and may be required to undergo inspections and audits of your facilities. This includes visits to factories and accommodation facilities as well as interviews with employees. This is part of our welfare due diligence initiative, aimed at protecting the workers in our supply chain.

All Khansaheb prospective suppliers are required to prequalify
Khansaheb subcontractor form an integral part of project delivery team


As a subcontractor you will form an integral part of our project delivery team and will be responsible for the success of the project.

We therefore have a robust prequalification system that allows us to verify that you have the capabilities, management systems and resources required for the works required.

If you are designated a Key Trade Package subcontractor you will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire, allow visits to your facilities including any factories, accommodation units and offices as well as permit us to interview your employees. The focus of our efforts will be your:

The system comprises a short general questionnaire for most subcontractors. If you are designated a “Key Trade Package” subcontractor a more rigorous process will be necessary. A Key Trade Package is a one of 8 packages of works that have a direct impact on the success of the project and the satisfaction of our client. We therefore take them very seriously and focus our efforts on ensuring we get the right subcontractor for these works.

  • Health and safety systems and record
  • Project delivery performance
  • Quality management system
  • Sustainability and environmental systems
  • Operative welfare arrangements and provisions.

As our subcontractor packages have a direct bearing on the success of our projects we take great care when going through this process. We target our efforts on the packages that are likely to impact the outcome of the project to ensure on time, zero defect delivery for our customers.