Our Plant and Equipment

At Khansaheb we believe in being as self-sufficient as possible and when it comes to construction plant and equipment this is no different.

Our team of expert plant and asset managers make sure every project is equipped with the plant and equipment needed. Our plant team assist our delivery teams providing advice on everything from tower cranes to bus routes and traffic logistics.

To keep our costs down we also supply all our own fuel in Dubai from our filling stations or in our fleet of tankers. We have an advanced fuel management system that allows us to track the fuel consumption of each asset in real time.

This combined with IVMS and management intervention, has resulted in huge reductions in our fuel costs, and these savings are passed on to our clients through our competitive pricing.

Our plant and equipment team support our Health and Safety “K Standards” with equipment that meet far higher safety standards than that of our competitors. This helps us to achieve industry leading accident reductions and helping to send or people home safely every day.

From small hand tools to 100-ton cranes, all our plant and equipment is maintained at our specialised service department in Jebel Ali in Dubai.

We employ over 250 skilled technicians to carefully maintain our fleet and ensure it is working as efficiently as possible to keep breakdowns and running costs to a minimum.

Khansaheb Construction 4500 operative resources

4500 Operatives Cared for, rewarded & committed 1000 staff Motivated, committed and enthusiastic
118 Buses Minibuses and large buses 48 Pavers PTRs, rollers, dozers and graders
147 Trucks Tippers, low loaders, tankers 117 Cranes Tower cranes, mobiles, hiabs

Our Staff

At Khansaheb we do more than just believe that people are our most important asset we make sure Khansaheb is a great place to work.

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We make significant investments in our people to ensure they have a rewarding career with us. Our structured approach to training, development and progression rewards those that demonstrate the capability and aptitude to do more.

Our training and development programme teaches a wide range of key skills at every level of the business. The Khansaheb Employee Foundation runs community based initiatives and events, as well as helping out local charities.

We provide our staff with an exciting, challenging and rewarding career, and this reflects in the work we do.

Khansaheb operatives with opportunities to progress through training and development programmes

Our Operatives

From our earliest days we have taken care of our people and this is no different today. We provide all our workers with safe environments in which to work and industry leading levels of welfare.

We provide all our operatives with opportunities to progress through our training and development programmes, and we recognise those who are progressing, learning more skills and growing their capabilities.

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