We are committed to the welfare of our workers and we thoroughly believe that our business benefits from the care and attention that we pay to it.

We have invested in our facilities, provided comprehensive recreational services, industry leading health & wellbeing, and as always with Khansaheb, fair and reasonable employment practises.

One of our facilities has been awarded LEED Gold status, recognising our investment in high quality sustainable accommodation for our people.

The success of our approach is told by our people and the careers they have with us, some which last 40 years.

Worker welfare at Khansaheb, facilities, comprehensive recreational services, industry leading health and wellbeing

Accommodation Facilities

Security and CCTV 24/7
Full facilities management service
Refurbished bedrooms & washrooms
Laundry of all clothes
Modern efficient air-conditioning
Sports and recreation facilities
Professional catering services
Libraries & native language newspapers
Wi-Fi & internet access
Gyms and exercise equipment


Worker welfare committees
Year-round sporting competitions
Intercompany cricket tournament
Professional healthcare services
Leave and travel assistance
TV, movie nights & sports event
All bedroom furniture provided
Sheets, blankets & pillows provided
Professional counselling services
Free transport to mosques and malls


Wages on-time every-time
24/7 unrestricted access to passports
Multi-language employment contracts
Medical insurance for all
Occupational health screening
Help with passport & visa renewals
Opportunities for career development
Dedicated trade training centre
Paid leave and flights provided
Free transport to & from place of work


Trained qualified onsite nurses 24/7
Preventative health screening
Periodic health checks
Health and lifestyle awareness sessions
Specific healthcare advice if needed
Professional treatment when required
Trained nurses on every project
Summer hydration programme
Free issue & replacement PPE
Fitness for work programme

Quality of welfare assurance Khansaheb providing

Welfare Assurance

We thoroughly believe that the welfare of our operatives is paramount to the success of our company and have made significant invested in the facilities and services that we provide.

We regularly audit and inspect all our facilities to ensure that our standards are kept to and that further improvements can be made.

We encourage our clients to visit our accommodation facilities to verify for themselves the quality of welfare that we are providing, and many do providing us with useful feedback and opportunities for improvement.