Khansaheb places safety at fore of all collaborative decisions

In 2020, Khansaheb achieved its target of a full 12-months without a reportable or lost time accident, Group HSE Manager, Andrew Cook, says. 

Health and safety is sacrosanct for UAE-based contracting giant Khansaheb, which was listed among the top 10 players on Construction Week’s Power 100 list for 2021.

However, health and safety is a mandate that has undergone several modifications over time; the 85-year old contracting giant is adapting to these by establishing specific strategies including "collaboration and teamwork, which are critical at every stage of a project to achieve enhanced HSE results", states Group HSE Manager for Khansaheb, Andrew Cook.

Better collaboration, better safety

Cook continues: “Whether you are discussing design and concept with the client and consultant or buildability with the project management team and specialist subcontractors, safety is prioritised for these meetings, and we ensure this is at the forefront of every decision. 

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